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Debi NSC_4587If you are here because you have a business to run and don’t have the time or inclination to develop a social strategy – although you know it’s critical to the success of your business – I completely understand, and would love to help.

A good social strategy starts with your business plan. If you don’t have a business plan, please look at this in-take interview and understand that my ability to develop your social strategy depends on your ability to answer these questions about your business.

For a better understanding of what I can do for you, here is an example launch plan. This plan guides the work I do for clients. You will need to be involved in the process, but I can be the driving force and provide the technical and strategic know-how.

If all that sounds good, please contact me today so we can set up a time to talk. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can. I am a member of the largest Social Marketing Networking group in the U.S., and belong to the Let’s Get Social network of social media managers.

There’s never an obligation. We’ll have a good conversation so you can decide what works best for you. Very sociable!

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