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Enlist Volunteers Through Social Media

This workshop is NOT about any of the plethora of online tools you can use to coordinate volunteers for your event. It’s about using your existing digital channels to celebrate and thank the volunteers that make your organization hum; to engage your community and invigorate your online networks with conversation about the role of volunteering in general, and to raise visibility of the specific volunteer opportunities you’re offering.

Strategic Elements

  • Articulate a singular, well-defined objective† (e.g., Create and sustain a community of enthusiastic and reliable volunteers for summertime sporting events.)
  • Identify the social channels that are right for your purpose
  • Align your digital strategy with your current non-digital campaigns

† You will be able to add more well-defined objectives later, using the process you learn in this workshop.

Tactical Elements

  • Establish digital connections with first-tier network
  • Create editorial / content calendar reflecting key messages and optimal audience
  • Modify current volunteer orientation to include digital

Workshops are designed to fit your time requirements; they can run from 90 minutes to all day.  Depending on the length of the workshop and the number of attendees you bring in, the cost ranges from $750 - $2,000* per workshop.

Workshops can also be delivered online for up to nine (9) participants at a time, via Zoom. A video recording of the session is provided to the client at no additional cost.

This workshop is part of a series mentioned in the free eBook: #ChamberFail - A Case For Making the Shift to Digital

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* Plus travel expenses

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