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Is Facebook losing Interests?

Add to Interests gone on FacebookThe option to “add to Interests” seems to have disappeared from Facebook.  I used this option extensively when building customized Digital Neighborhoods™.  In a workshop I conducted recently, I was demonstrating how to build your own customized digital neighborhood when I discovered the option to easily add a business’s Facebook page to an Interests list is no longer available.  I was shocked!

Interests lists on Facebook allow me to filter and focus only on posts from certain pages that I follow on Facebook.  A couple benefits of this feature:

  1. It reduces “the noise” in my newsfeed and eliminates posts that would otherwise distract me when I want to focus on a particular task – checking in with specific people or businesses.
  2. It ensures that I don’t miss posts from business pages that I have chosen to follow. Facebook is not generous about putting those into my regular newsfeed.

The feature I liked most about Interests was the ease with which I could add pages to those lists: Option to "Add to Interests"

1) “Like” 2) Choose to “Add to interests” 3) Click the name of the list I wanted to add it to.

With that option missing from the drop-down menu, I now have to 1) “Like” the page, 2) switch over to my Interests, 3) select the appropriate list, 4) type the name of the page into the “+ add to this list” field, then 5) choose the page from the list.

I hope that elimination of the “Add to interests” option is not a pre-cursor to the elimination of Interests altogether.  Do you use Interests lists on Facebook?  What do you find most valuable about this feature?

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