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Focus Your Digital Strategy By Filtering The Noise

Target AudienceIf you’ve created a digital presence for your business, you’re well aware that you can’t just create social accounts and expect customers to come flocking.  You’ve probably even consistently posted content in hopes of reaching and making valuable connections.

Unfortunately, though, you may just be adding to the noise. The noise on the Internet is deafening, making it hard to be heard, and hard to hear. With so many distractions it’s hard to pay attention to what’s important. It makes you wonder how many valuable connections get drowned out and lost.

From noise, to neighborly chatter

I often talk about Digital Neighborhoods™.  Digital neighborhoods can take many forms, depending on your business objectives. An effective digital neighborhood is built on familiar territory and consists of people you know, and people who know you.

Your digital neighborhood provides a structure and process that lowers the online noise level from a roar to a chatter.  It effectively filters out the noise and scales down the volume from cacophonous, to conversational.

Creating your digital neighborhood is more than just “moving in.” It has a lot to do with nurturing relationships, which requires a contribution on your part. Now that you can hear, your next challenge is to be heard.

Resist the urge to broadcast your messages. Remember that these are your neighbors you’re talking to. They already know what you sell. Besides, they probably won’t see your posts unless they’ve started following you back . . . so give them a reason to do so.

Focus on the conversations

You can attract followers by earning social capital, which is done through authentic involvement and engagement. That means leaving meaningful comments, and sharing others’ content in a purposeful way.

If you have strategically customized your digital neighborhood, it shouldn’t be difficult to get involved in relevant, meaningful and valuable conversations.  Often, these kinds of conversations give way to word-of-mouth referrals by people who know you, with people who trust them.

Bringing your appeal to your online presence

Traditional marketing methods of broadcasting and mass distribution don’t work on social channels . . . and are often harmful to the image of a business. To effectively use social technology for business, social rules need to be recognized and respected.

Consumers are becoming quite adept at filtering out the noise created by businesses that disregard the social rules.   They filter and find information on line that is valuable to them. Hone your own skills for providing it . . . by building an online presence that’s full of appeal.

Start with a Digital Neighborhood

If you want to know more about creating your own customized Digital Neighborhood . . . or a Digital Neighborhood for your local community, contact me. You can also read more about the concept in these posts:

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