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Framing Your Digital Strategy

Social CycleStart with a frame

I use a three-part model for every strategy I design: Frame. Focus. Follow through. (All verbs – I like action!) To demonstrate this, let’s look at how you can frame your  digital strategy.

The frame of a digital strategy is partly made up of digital tools (of course).  Your website, for example, would most likely be an integral part of your business’s digital presence.  You should think of the website as the place where you do actual business – provide information about your products or services; answer FAQs (frequently asked questions); transact sales; and ideally, collect e-mail addresses.

Your e-mail list represents another supporting element of the frame. It’s your digital method for one-to-one communication. It’s very useful for “pushing” or distributing information directly to your existing (i.e., opt-in) customer base, and can complement your efforts to attract and interact with your target market via social tools and your website.

Social tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus; you get the picture. Those platforms are where one-to-many communications work  best and are great for socializing – not selling! Socializing has always been an effective way to attract people. Socializing online can also drive traffic to your website.  Remember, it is on your website where you do business. THAT is where you sell.

From “function” to “flourish”

A digital strategy can function when it is framed with these three elements – website, e-mail list, and social tools. It can flourish when it is supported by a relevant context.  Digital neighborhood and strategyIn the case of local businesses, this context is provided by a Digital Neighborhood™.

A Digital Neighborhood is a structure of connections where online conversations and engagement happen naturally. They can genuinely and authentically reflect the qualities and charm of a community, Bringing your LOCAL appeal to your ONLINE presence.™

What could be more attractive? Not only that, once the wheels are set in motion, the digital mechanism is self-sustaining by virtue of the fact that communities are built around communication, and neighborhoods thrive on conversation.

Then, focus and follow through

As I mentioned earlier, my method for building strategies is based on a three-part model: Frame. Focus. Follow through.  In this post I described one way of framing your digital strategy.

Focusing on your digital strategy means listening, monitoring and engaging.  There are tools and processes that can help you do this efficiently and effectively.

Following through on your digital strategy means addressing your business objectives, including growing your bottom line.  By strategically framing and then focusing on the aspects that contribute to your business, you are equipped to follow through and fulfill your purpose as a provider of services and products.

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