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Google Plus Communities – A Strategic Approach

SMGDenver CommunityI often write about the Social Marketing Meetup Group (SMGDenver) that I’ve been a member of for nearly four years.  Lately, I have been writing about my interest in Google Plus.  I am now developing a strategy for creating a complementary relationship between the two.

When developing a strategy, the first priority is to identify the objective(s), and to do that, questions are better than answers. They provide a nearly endless range of possibilities.

I find it helpful to start by answering the question, “Why?”

Why does SMGDenver need a Google+ Community?

  • Our SMGDenver Meetups give rise to invigorating and enlightening conversations, but they are limited by time: 90 minutes, once a month. When I leave these Meetups, I have lots of ideas for applying what I learned, and recognize the need for some structure and support in order to get that done.
  • Often, the SMGDenver Tips Groups introduce great ideas; but between meetings, efforts to implement those ideas often lead to more questions.  I hope that this Community will provide a place where those questions can get asked and addressed.
  • The learning process often requires revisiting the topic a number of times before information becomes knowledge.  This Community can serve as a repository for the information shared at the SMGDenver Meetup, making it convenient to review and discuss it.  This could facilitate the eventual integration of this knowledge into our own strategies, and make it more practical to implement it for our own purposes.
  • Many of the people who attend the SMGDenver Meetups are curious about how Google Plus works.  This Community will give us a place to try things out, ask questions and make mistakes among a safe and forgiving group of people we know. This can reduce the fear factor and encourage a little risk-taking – without the risk of embarrassing ourselves or offending others.
  • To encourage SMGDenver Meetup members to connect with and support each other beyond the monthly face-to-face meetings.

More strategic questions: Who? What? Where? When? How?

I have outlined a Google+ Community Strategy (updated Dec. 13, 2013) for SMGDenver, and will continue refining it as I work toward my objectives.  Two of these objectives, which surfaced in my answer to the question “Why?” are:

  1. To “continue the conversations” started at our Meetups.
  2. To create an opportunity for SMGDenver members to become familiar with Google Plus.

If you are an SMGMember and have not received an invitation to the Google Plus Community, please contact me if you want to be part. You can check out the Community first, if you’d like. Let me know, too, if you need help getting your Google + Profile or Page set up.

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