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Social Media Management Services

3D Communications can manage your social media so you can concentrate on managing your business.

The chart above shows pricing and a summary of services. Detailed descriptions of each package here:

Startup & Maintenance — Basic Package
Startup & Maintenance — Pro Package
Strategy & Maintenance for Business Accounts

Social media management services will save you time while ensuring that your online participation truly reflects you and your business.  Along the way, your social media manager can share tools and techniques with you that will reduce your own learning curve substantially, helping you become comfortable with the workings of the social sites that will be increasingly important in everyday life.

3D will assess your digital presence for its effectiveness and efficiency, and will determine what options you have for making improvements.  We’ll evaluate up to 3 social platforms where you’re participating, plus your website and email opt-in programs (e.g., newsletter). We’ll tell you about the latest and greatest tools you can use, and give you recommendations and suggestions. Request your FREE EVALUATION right now.

Set up
With the Set-up Package, 3D puts your digital presence in order by setting-up and /or cleaning-up three profiles on social sites of your choice. The package includes instruction on how to use each of the three social platforms and how to network them with your website and/or blog.

Cost: $179

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Start-up and maintenance — Basic Package
Once your accounts are set up and in order, 3D can keep your digital presence active and fresh by posting daily status updates on 2-3 platforms, cleaning up spam, accepting invitations to connect, following back, & overseeing basic profile management.

Approximately 45 minutes per day, five days a week, is devoted to these tasks on your specific accounts.

Cost: $479/month*

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Start-up and maintenance — Pro Package
3D will increase your digital visibility by assisting with the creation of valuable content based on in-bound comments, inquiries and responses generated on your social platforms. Networks will be grown by identifying relevant connections and groups that support your social media and business objectives. Activity on your social sites and on the web in general will be monitored for the purposes of reputation management and customer service.

60-90 minutes per business day is spent maintaining your online presence.

Cost: $1,149/month*

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Strategy and maintenance — Premium Package for business accounts
In addition to routine account maintenance, 3D will optimize your online relationships by closely monitoring  conversations across the web,  recommending engagement tactics, drafting content designed to spark interaction and distributing it across all appropriate networks.  A  strategic approach is taken to align online activities  with your business objectives, and targets engagement goals and desired outcomes.

At least two hours per business day are spent maintaining your accounts and developing your networks. An additional eight hours each month go into strategy development and implementation.

Cost: Starting at $2,000/month*

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If additional time is required to further manage your social media accounts and activities, consulting services can be arranged.

* A one-time set-up fee ($179) is charged to all monthly clients. A 3-month commitment is required to initiate a project. The set-up fee and one month payment is requested before any work can begin.