3D Communications


Workshops are customized to fit the needs of a group such as individual local businesses or non-profits, or members of a chamber or SBDC.

Customized for the unique needs of your group, a workshop is designed around a well-defined objective that drives your digital strategy. For example:


A well-designed digital strategy can ensure that you are searchable, findable and shareable online. A digital strategy starts with a clear objective, which is supported by a process and a system. Those concepts are explained in this workshop, and actionable steps are identified and put in place to be carried out by your organization's team. See more details here.

The sidewalks and streets of your Digital Neighborhood are channels, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp . . . the list goes on. Much like the streets and sidewalks along which cars and people move in your neighborhood, your digital channels are the paths upon which conversations between people travel.  See more details here.

Raising funds and attracting sponsors are among the biggest challenges that event organizers face.  Imagine having sponsors come to you rather than you having to seek them. In this workshop we explore ways to use your digital presence to get the attention of your ideal sponsors and compel them to put their support behind your mission. More details here.

Engage your community and invigorate your online networks with conversation about the role of volunteering in general. Raise visibility of the specific volunteer opportunities you offer. Use your existing digital channels to celebrate and thank the volunteers that make your organization hum. More details here.