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Digitally Enhanced Productivity

We use digital technology for its convenience; its speed; its accessibility.  Too often, however, our technology becomes a repository of randomly organized information that hinders rather than enhances productivity.  In this workshop you will see how to build a digital productivity strategy capable of keeping you on time and on track, with access to information you need, when you need it.

Strategic Elements

  • Evaluate your current basic methods (digital and non-digital) for organizing, planning, tracking, and reviewing your productivity metrics.
  • Determine your expectations related to productivity, and identify the barriers you've encountered that reduce your productivity.
  • Gain an understanding of the process for shaping behaviors that will bring out your productive brilliance.

Tactical Elements

  • Set up digital tools for automating task planning, time tracking, and reporting.
  • Gradually adapt current processes to leverage digital systems.
  • Monitor metrics aligned with productivity goals.

Workshops are designed to fit your time requirements; they can run from 90 minutes to all day.  Depending on the length of the workshop and the number of attendees you bring in, the cost ranges from $750 - $2,000* per workshop.

Workshops can also be delivered online for up to nine (9) participants at a time, via Zoom. A video recording of the session is provided to the client at no additional cost.

Use the contact  form below to get in touch if you are interested in learning more about workshops I conduct.

* Plus travel expenses

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