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Build Your Digital Neighborhood

The Metaphor is the Model

Neighbors with Digital Connections

The sidewalks and streets of your Digital Neighborhood are channels, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, Google... the list goes on. Much like the streets and sidewalks along which cars and people move in your neighborhood, your digital channels are the paths upon which conversations between people travel.


Many local businesses in your area are already on those channels – those digital sidewalks and streets.

These workshops are designed to help you establish traffic patterns using your channels of choice.  The workshops include techniques and exercises for filling those channels with authentic and purposeful conversation . . . that often drives word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Create Your Digital Presence - For business owners who do not have social accounts for their business, or who have social accounts but are not yet using them. You will frame a social strategy by choosing the best social channels for your business, and then setting up those accounts to reflect your branding.


  • Connect with the Right People - For business owners who have branded social channels and are ready to increase their reach. You will see, step-by-step, how you can connect with a customized Digital Neighborhood™ of people who live where you do and love being local.


  • Communicate Through Conversation - For business owners who are ready to use their branded social channels for strategic communications. It’s SOCIAL media, not SALES media – and you’ll learn how to make connections and have conversations that drive word-of-mouth referrals by people who know you, with people who trust them.


Workshops are customized to fit the needs of a group, whether individual local business owners, or members of a chamber’s or SBDC’s leadership team.

We can focus on a specific platform, such as Facebook, and in a hands-on session 1) create your account; 2) connect you to relevant people and businesses; and 3) cover methods for communicating conversationally and engaging effectively.

If attendees already have their digital accounts set up, the workshop focuses on building their Digital Neighborhood – an online version of their community – allowing them to filter the noise and focus on their neighbors.

Workshops are designed to fit your time requirements; they can run from 90 minutes to all day. Depending on the length of the workshop and the number of attendees you bring in, the cost ranges from $750 - $2,000* per workshop.

Workshops can also be delivered online for up to nine (9) participants at a time, via Zoom. A video recording of the session is provided to the client at no additional cost.

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* Plus travel expenses (within the U.S.)

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